Frontier Veterinary Services are committed to providing excellent, compassionate and affordable veterinary care for your animals.

We are an approachable, caring and professional team who love what we do.

At Frontier Veterinary Services, we are committed to constantly increasing and improving our veterinary knowledge and skills.

We strive to provide the gold standard of veterinary care. To facilitate this we have invested in

  • fully computerised client records so we can retrieve our clientsʼ information at the press of a button
  • the latest imaging equipment digital Xray and associated software
  • ultrasonography
  • haematology  biochemistry and electrolyte blood analyses which means we can be interpreting a blood profile for your animal on the same day
  • microscopy
  • dedicated surgical suite
  • air driven dental system

We also use a dedicated laboratory service for a wide range of assays – hormonal, etc. ensuring access to the full range of tests for accurate diagnoses.

We provide a twenty four hour emergency service. If you have a veterinary emergency, please call us on 0539261933. You are guaranteed to have an experienced veterinary surgeon attending your animal as promptly as possible.