Equine Services

Frontier Veterinary Services provides a comprehensive equine veterinary service.

We carry out vaccinations, marking and microchipping, health checks, blood testing, medical investigations, eye examinations, all emergency calls such as colics, foalings, laminitis.

Castrations are carried out in Spring and Autumn.

Reproductive medicine – scanning mares, swabbing pre stud, washouts, stitching mares, uterine biopsy, artificial insemination, treatment of retained placenta.IMG_5122rev

New born foal exams with serum IgG blood testing at 24 hours.

Intravenous fluid therapy and plasma transfusions.

Prepurchase examinations and certification.

Digital radiography.

Wolf teeth removal

Advice re worming protocols and faecal worm egg counts

Frontier Veterinary Services provides 24 hour emergency care. We have an excellent relationship with our veterinary colleagues in equine referral practice and we will advise you in the event of a major surgical procedure or further specialised investigation being required.

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